Regarding some of yesterday’s events in the fandom, I would like to tell you all that things have been discussed and solved between both sides.

I picked Tyler’s quote to address this matter for two reasons. 

First, to explain how much your voice matters even if it’s just for one person. You will be inspiring that person in her actions, and, while sometimes this can be a good thing, it can also be a bad thing.

Second, to talk about the amazing projects that have been dismissed due to our personal matters and behaviors.

There’s no point on fighting hate with more hate.

Yesterday’s events weren’t just about yesterday. Some of the issues were things with one year old, but still very fresh in some people’s minds and hearts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, we’re all on the same page here. The problem is on how some decide to express their opinion.

Let’s say you have two packs that have different customs, but they decide to throw a ritual on the same territory. It gets messy if they’re not able to settle down some rules and mutual respect. Disregarding alphas, betas and omegas, because everyone is an equal in these two packs, some of us talked yesterday and put all the cards on the table. It was good, it was really good and a lot of misunderstandings were cleared. No one can erase anyone’s actions or harsh words, just like no one can change each other’s opinions, but we can, surely, come to a mutual understanding and move on.

This is what, we all hope, it’s going to happen from today on. Just like we stopped to sit and talk about things, we also hope that this will be some sort of inspiring act that passes on between the fandom, so that you can see that hate is not the solution, it never is!

Just like in any other pack, you stick up with your pack members. If losing a pack member is like losing a limb, seeing one of your pack members getting hurt will also affect you deeply.

Bubbles and Ine, which I love and adore, remained by our side (Qhuinn and I) since the beginning. It is consuming to see your friends being attacked and I am thankful for all their love on this matter. No one should never get hate for sticking up to their friends.

Brii, a cutie pie among this fandom, doesn’t have, and neither should anyone, to pick a side or choose a pack. People can be friends with anyone! Actually, in an ideal world, we should all be friends! She and everyone that I heard of that got hate from being friends with this person or that person, should never, ever, get hate for that.

If my words made anyone, anyone at all, decide to go on someone else’s blog and send hate, please stop. Please be inspired by this mutual agreement and instead, today, go on and apologize for that hate. Let’s stop this now, please.

As for all the issues that were addressed, they are ours. They belong to us and any future problems will be discussed between us.

Despite our differences, we all have one thing in common: Teen Wolf. We love the show, we love the characters, we love the cast. It doesn’t matter which one is your favorite character, who you ship or you don’t ship. It’s all coming from the same place, the same show.

One of the things that really touched me during Wolfsbane was to see how delighted the cast was with the love from the fans, their numerous gifts for each one of the cast, their amazing talent and their experiences. You, you and you are able to bring smiles to this cast, so let’s not get in the middle of that!

The Sterek book was loved by many, hated by others. Because of one reason or another, some people were inspired by it to create other things for the cast of Teen Wolf. Tyler talked about our ability to inspire good things in those around you and this is what happened.

Pages for Posey is a great project. Tyler Posey plays the main character of this show and he often doesn’t get to experience the Scott love that goes around in the fandom. I’m not saying that you need to unconditionally love Scott, but if you do love him or if you think any of your followers might, go on and spread the word. Help them to create something good and positive to show Tyler Posey the love and appreciation for his character.

Charity Pack is a new project and it was already shared by Tyler Posey on his twitter account. It’s a good and inspiring example about how people with different opinions can do great things when they stick up together. Spread the word and follow them, I’m sure they will do great things in the future that will try to involve each and every one of you.

Sterek Campaign is a very well known project in this fandom, loved by some, hated by others. Some say it excludes a good number of fans by its name and projects, though, keep in mind that there would be no Sterek if it wasn’t for Teen Wolf. They know this, they are very much aware that the love for the show is important. That’s why they also do projects that involve everyone, every ship, every character. You are not obligated to join or to support their projects, but please respect them and maybe get your issues addressed by talking with one of its members. Last year they did something unique in the fandom, this year I’m sure they will try to reach that goal once again.

TeenWolfWithLove is a big collective gift from the fandom to the cast. The people behind this project are doing their best to send some smiles to those that we love and admire. The goal of their project is simple: to show the love for all the characters on this show. Teen Wolf has a lot of characters and, this fandom? - this fandom is very talented in all sorts of ways. Picking the works for this book won’t be easy, it won’t be easy at all. This is why they had to set up some rules that some people haven’t quite understand yet.

This project will only be accepting canon works. By canon, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t send something about your ship. For example, Stiles and Derek are allies. This is canon and you may send works that express this. Canon is about what happens in the show, so, yes, you may send stuff about the pool scene, for example. You may not send them works with Stiles and Derek kissing, because that’s not canon. Their project is not excluding Sterek or any other ship, their project is merely focusing on canon.

But, like I said above, picking the works for this book won’t be easy. TWWL is about expressing your love for the characters, it’s a gift for the entire cast of Teen Wolf. This means that they will give priority to works based on the characters only. They’re not making an encyclopedia of everything that happens on Teen Wolf and that is the reason why the priority is set for the characters.

If you’re getting lost and don’t know what projects or weeks are happening currently in the fandom, I advise you to follow Pack Calendar. It’s a great way to stay updated!

Finally, I would just like to say that if you ever get inspired to create something based on any of these projects, please don’t hesitate. Get inspired, don’t just sit and wait for someone to do it. Talk to your friends about it, ask them if they want to join you. Talk to some of the people behind these projects, they will surely help you and they might even join your cause! Don’t hold yourself by thinking you can’t do it, because you can, you just have to want to do it! :)

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