I would like you all to vote for Sterek, because:

  • Our boys’ dynamic this season has changed; they’re more comfortable with each other, the unspoken trust is even more solid and they shared some really heartbreaking moments. If they deserved to win last year, they sure as well deserve to win this year!
  • I want the Sterek fandom to believe in themselves again. To know that hate is just a tiny little rock inside our boots, it hurts sometimes, but we manage and we stick together and we win.
  • I want Jeff, Dylan and Tyler to know that this fandom is not dead and was never dead. We’re here and we’re still screaming out loud to every Sterek moment that Jeff gives us, to every moment that Tyler and Dylan decide to add to their performance.
  • Jeff is writing the next part of the season and I want him to know that yet again we won. I want him to be sitting in front of his computer and in a moment of doubt or pure frustration, to remember that his fandom won against very popular shows. I want him to know that we got his joke about being dead but we’re clearly still waving our Sterek flags.
  • Popularity is a big thing on TV. By giving a voice to Sterek on a website like theblackdot, more viewers will be curious about this werewolf and the boy who doesn’t take his shit. It’s an awesome thing that three Teen Wolf ships came so far on the polls!
  • I think that standing up for a ship brings a lot of ups and downs. Winning is not everything, at all. We will still be here and shipping it hard if we don’t win. But winning a poll like this is definitely one of the ups.
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