After recent events, some people within the fandom are feeling discouraged or alone- it’s time to cheer everyone up again! 

Sterek is about love and how different people can come together as something great and unique. We have the support of the cast, crew, and media. Now it’s time we support ourselves. We need to be the first ones to believe and stay strong. Just like anyone shouldn’t tell you who you should ship, no one should tell why you shouldn’t ship Sterek either.

This little project is meant to be ongoing. It will only stop if you want it to stop! This week (July 7th-15th) is for us to wash the sadness and hate that has been going around, especially in the Sterek tag, but these steps are something you can do any time. So it’s up to you!

Let’s do this!


Spread the love!

  1. Remember why you started watching Teen Wolf and go to MTV’s website to rewatch the show or your favorite episodes. Take this opportunity to bring a friend to the fandom! By watching the show on MTV’s website you will be helping the ratings, you will help Teen Wolf to become bigger and better, you will tell the show and its creators how much you love it! Check here to learn how you can watch the episodes on MTV’s website if you’re not living in the USA.
  2. Message Teen Wolf on Tumblr with the reason why you love the show and Sterek. Be honest, be true to yourself and always be polite. Don’t think that it’s just another message. You matter to them. Every opinion matters.
  3. Tell someone you love their blog anonymously through the powerofhumanlove. Try to pick blogs that most fans have never heard about, but that make you smile. Pick a blog that is positive within the fandom, be it because of their fanart, their writing or simply just their thoughts! Sometimes people don’t know who to follow and this could be a great way to help make their dash a happier, safer place.
  4. If you see someone feeling down about Teen Wolf or Sterek, go to them. Leave a positive message, give them a virtual hug or a delicious virtual cookie. Tell them they’re not alone, make them remember the good moments, make them feel excited again about what can still happen. Make a new friend!
  5. Join Operation Positivity! :) This project is not just meant for Sterek, but for all the Teen Wolf fandom to gather around and fight the hate that has been going around. It’s a choice of living among this fandom during this season and hiatus. You are the only one who can help to break this cycle and help this fandom a good place to be part of. (x) (x) (x)
  6. Come to chat with more fellow Sterek shippers!


Spread your love for Sterek!

Remember to always use the following hashtags, #sterek, #eternalsterek and #operation positivity for this project!

During this week make one of the three following posts
(or all of the above):

  1. Explain why you love Sterek
  2. Rewatch your favorite Sterek scene and make a recap about it! Why is that your favorite scene?
  3. How do you want Sterek to happen?

Are you a fanart artist? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make a post showing your fanart and inform everyone that you’re accepting requests
  2. Pick one of your favorite Sterek scene and show everyone your skills!
  3. Promote one of your favorite Sterek fics and illustrate one of its scenes. Don’t forget to leave a link for it when you’re done!
  4. Get together with a writer and make a little collab, like a small ficlet
  5. Illustrate a scene you would like to see to become canon. Remember that Teen Wolf loves fanart!

Are you a writer? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make a post telling everyone you’re accepting prompts
  2. Challenge yourself and go on a little game: “THREE SENTENCE FICS: Give me a setting. Give me a prompt. I’ll write you a three sentence fic from said request.
  3. Pick a canon Sterek scene and write the follow up of it

Are you a graphic artist? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make a post telling everyone you’re accepting requests
  2. Create a new Sterek scene through manipulation
  3. Do a picspam, gifset, photoset or a graphic of your favorite Sterek scene
  4. Do the Sterek Meme!
  5. Collab with a writer and create a new Sterek AU with a gifset

Are you a reader? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make a post with your Top 10 Favorite Sterek Fics
  2. Recommend some of the last fics you read and really enjoyed!
  3. Pick one of your favorite fics and do a review. Tell everyone why you loved it so much!
  4. Make a post with a list of fics that fit your favorite trope (barista fics, canon fics, college fics, etc).
  5. Post a favorite quote from your favorite fics per day. Don’t forget to link to the original fic!

Are you a music lover? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make a post with the lyrics of a song that fits Sterek. Who knows, maybe someone will get inspired by it!
  2. Make a post with your favorite fanmade video!

Are you into metas? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make a list of your favorite Sterek metas!
  2. Analyze your favorite Sterek scene to the last detail

Are you in the fandom? Here’s what you can do:

  • If you like fanfiction, go to or livejournal and leave an actual review to the author. Tell them why you liked that fic so much, which were your favorite parts and your favorite characters, talk about your emotions during it. It will inspire the author to write more and feel more confident about it!
  • Reblog your favorite Sterek posts: fanart/graphic/gifset/fics/metas. Do not repost, reblog! Remember that you are part of someone’s dashboard, make them smile and help to make it a nicer place. Your likes and reblogs matter. You are part of this fandom, you count! <3

Are you a video editor? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Repost your video and maybe talk a little about the process or the reason that made you do it!
  2. Make a post asking for song suggestions and edit your favorite!
  3. Do a little game with a fellow editor. Pick a song that you both would like to edit and see how much you can edit for two hours.
  4. Make a collab with one or more editors. You can, for example, distribute episodes or seasons for each one of you.
  5. Pick one of your favorite fics and try to make a little trailer for it!


Do not spread hate:

  1. If someone is annoying you in your inbox, ignore them. Delete the ask. Remember that by replying to that person you are giving them what they want. And if it’s an anon message, it’s not just you that will read that message, but also your followers.
  2. Sometimes it’s inevitable to find someone hating on Sterek, so you should just ignore them. Add their username here.
  3. If someone you are following is hurting you or hating on your OTP, you should unfollow them. Your dash is your safe place!
  4. Remember that a war is only a war when the two sides are fighting. Don’t fight, ignore them. That will be your weapon, because you will be too busy appreciating the beauty of Sterek. There will be no time for hate!


We are not abominations.
We are the alphas.

Stay positive and spread some Sterek love!


This is a project not just for a week, this is something you can do everyday, even during the hiatus. This is not my project or my post, this is ours and each one of you counts!

Special thanks to Kedreevaladyw1nter and qhuinn.

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